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Workout Burns Calories

Is your workout making you a calorie burning machine?

Ironically, under-eating often results in creating a slowing metabolism. Your body recognizes a caloric deficit and its natural protective mechanism slows down your metabolism. This is often called starvation mode.

When you increase your caloric burn rate on workout days or extra active days, your body recognizes this and demands more calories. The right kind of calories, of course.

Bod Pod data includes critical caloric information for sedentary, low-active, active and very-active days of energy expenditure. This clarifies the fine line between under-eating and over-eating. It is important to consume enough calories and the right kind of calories especially on active workout days to allow for proper recuperation after that workout. Muscle needs energy to rebuild and grow. And, fat needs energy to be burned!

One pound of fat is comprised of roughly 3500 calories. If you have a firm understanding of the calories you burn, you can most safely and effectively target the correct the number of calories to at least meet your minimum daily requirement or RMR.

Too few calories created by an overly restrictive diet easily results in muscle loss which results in a slowing metabolism.

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