The GOLD Standard in Body Composition Measurement

The Science Behind Bod Pod

The Bod Pod uses a proprietary technology called Air Displacement Plethysmography. It is considered in scientific circles to be the gold standard in densitometric principles. It senses internal (visceral) body fat. And that’s a huge difference when comparing Bod Pod science with the old fashioned caliper pinch test and bio-electric impedance devices that can be heavily skewed by fluid retention in the body.

The Bod Pod was designed with the help of grants from the National Institutes of Health. It is considered the most accurate replacement option for the old fashioned hydro-static test most often referred to as the dunk tank test.

This test is so accurate, it is recognized and used by such prestigious businesses and institutions as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and nearly every NFL team as well as weight loss clinics at programs including Duke, UCLA and the Human Performance Institute.

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