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The 7 Do’s And Don’ts Of Bodyweight Strength

On the road to strength, there are many paths we can choose. Barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells? Elastic bands, medicine balls, or bulky machines? All of the above, or none? There are many conflicting views out there, but those familiar with my work know exactly where I stand: To get everything you want out of life and fitness, you don’t need much

Wherever your stance, it’s an indisputable fact that to get big and/or strong you must challenge your muscles against resistance. This is life. However, that resistance does not necessarily have to be an external object. In fact, your own body, the laws of gravity, and dear, sweet Mother Nature in her infinite splendor provide all the resistance you need to get stronger than you’ve ever been in your entire life.

This is how you get strong using body weight only. Here’s the straight dope, right from the heart. The voice of experience. Brace yourself, because it may not be what you’re used to hearing.

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