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Athletes are pulled in a million different directions, all of them very important and critical to the athlete’s performance. Time to evaluate an athlete is a critical element. Regardless of your roll, you may have as little as 5-10 minutes of interaction with a given athlete.

Rather than spending all of your time doing a subjective analysis of the athlete, DARI gives you the ability to capture a full body evaluation in less than 5 minutes of the athlete’s time. We can provide a full team overview with scoring for individual athletes the same day. You spend your time crafting solutions for your athletes rather than trying to assess an individual while he or she is standing there being evaluated.

This maximizes the athlete’s time and maximizes your ability to make decisions. Being able to constantly track a team and know what is changing before something bad happens is the key to keeping players on the field. DARI offers the only full body tracking solution that is applicable to team sports.


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