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Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Does muscle really weight more than fat?

The quick answer is, yes. By volume, muscle weighs approximately 18% more than fat. All 600 muscles in the human body make up 40% of body weight. Muscle, along with bones, skin, organs and water make up lean body mass.

The rest, is fat.

Yet ironically, most people when standing on a scale only think about fat. They think about losing fat when reducing weight. Worse, they don’t understand that when shedding pounds by dieting only and without participating in weight training to maintain and build muscle, they aren’t just losing fat. They are also losing muscle. Without scientific measurement, there’s no way to know how much muscle and fat, we lose.

Most people also don’t understand that the scale doesn’t tell the real story if they are weightlifting while dieting to reduce weight. For example, if you gained 15 pounds and wanted to lose it by beginning a diet and exercise program, you may hit a wall when you have lost 10 pounds on the scale. However, baseline and follow-up body composition tests may confirm that you actually did lose 15 pounds of fat but added 5 pounds of muscle. The end result is far lower body fat percentage and more defined physique.

More and more, studies, doctors and fitness experts are changing the conversation. They are shifting fitness goals to focus far more on overall health and wellness. Most importantly, body composition.

Fit is the new thin

Our whole lives, we’ve been programmed to believe that it’s all about the number on the scale. No more. The emphasis is now on how much fat you carry. Not how much you weigh. For example, a female athlete who weighs 150 pounds with 20% body fat is far healthier and fit than a comparable athlete who weighs 130 pounds with 30% body fat. Even better, the 20% body fat athlete has far better muscle definition and looks healthier. Both may even wear the same size clothing since muscle is more compact.

The great news is that there is a way to scientifically measure body composition using a medical grade piece of test equipment called a BOD POD. A Kansas City company called Muscle Metrics LLC is one of the first of its kind in the nation to make this sophisticated piece of equipment available to anyone.

While this equipment was invented some 17 years ago with a National Institute of Health grant, it has only been used in medical facilities like the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics. Plus, it is used by professional athletic programs including 16 NFL teams and the NFL Combine as well as the NBA Rookie Camp. Over 20 Division 1 training facilities have one, Olympic programs worldwide rely on BOD PODS as do the Army and Navy Special Forces. Even the TV show, The Biggest Loser uses one.

Testing is simple, safe for any age, quick (10 minutes or less) and easy. So, Muscle Metrics has designed a custom-built mobile trailer to bring convenient body composition testing to your location.

Muscle Metrics travels to gyms, Cross Fit Clubs, high school and college athletic programs, club sports teams, corporate health and wellness programs, body and physique competitions, health fairs and more.

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