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Muscle Studies for Aging

Doctors confirm: Maintaining muscle density is more important than ever for a healthy life!

Muscle really does matter. A lot! Three new studies, one out of UCLA, one from Harvard and the other from the University of Pennsylvania, confirm it. In fact, muscle matters a lot more than anyone ever knew!

According to the research, there is a direct relationship between muscle mass and both quality of life and longevity of life as we age. Especially for those age 50+. It’s even more important for those age 65 and older. Plus, for athletes, there is developing research on body composition and injury risk.

The problem

How do you know just how much muscle you have? Just as important, how do you know how much body fat you have? And, if you are losing weight, how do you know if you are losing muscle or fat or some of both?

Now, you can test your body composition with the same equipment used by the NFL, NBA, U.S. Military Special Forces and Olympic programs worldwide!

There’s one sure way to know your accurate BMI. Our company, Muscle Metrics, is pioneering the use of state-0f-the-art body composition testing equipment. It’s called a Bod Pod. It was invented by a doctor with a grant from the National Institute of Health. For the last 20 years, it has only been available in hospitals and elite athletic programs.

Muscle Metrics comes to your gym, company or school

Our custom built mobile testing lab comes to your location for confidential, concierge quality testing. Our Bod Pod body composition test is fast, simple, safe for any age, non-invasive, convenient and economical.

Why not call to set up a program to establish a base line when your clients or employees begin their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and get in shape?

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