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How I Discovered Bod Pod

How I discovered Bod Pod, my personal story

My name is Cameron Bishop. I am the owner and founder of Muscle Metrics. This is my story about how I came to discover the Bod Pod. Plus, how I came to finally understand the science behind body composition while on my health improvement journey.

Several years ago, my corporate job required me to work mega hours and travel extensively. 35 to 40 trips per year. There were too many big dinners and too much airport food. Still, I worked out 5 to 7 times a week on a consistent basis. Free weights, cable machines and cardio. Even so, I began to out-eat my workouts and, in no time at all, I loaded on 16 extra pounds. I hit my all-time heaviest point. My pants just barely fit. I decided to make a change.

While reading a book about nutrition and weight loss, I discovered the Bod Pod by the Cosmed Company in California. I researched their locations, traveled to a site and established a base line Bod Pod test of my body composition including weight, muscle mass and fat mass which provides an overall body fat percentage calculation. It also provided invaluable caloric intake information by providing my resting metabolic rate. That, I learned, is the number of calories your body needs to burn in a resting state each day. Basically, it’s calories in, calories out before exercising.

Next, I changed my diet, began to eat clean, dramatically reduced carbs, junk food and alcohol and intensified my workouts. Both cardio and weight bearing exercises.

After 9 months, I had dropped 12 pounds. I felt better and looked better because I actually had some muscle definition. But I was frustrated. I had 4 pounds to go and I was stuck. The scale wouldn’t budge!

So, I traveled back for another test in the Bod Pod. The test is simple, easy, non-invasive and takes just 3 minutes. It actually takes longer to change into your workout clothes for the test than it does to take the test!

The results of my second test shocked me.

The scientific analysis completed during the Bod Pod testing process gave me some great news. As it turns out, I had actually lost 16 pounds of body fat. And, I had increased my muscle mass by 4 pounds. Seriously, 4 pounds of muscle!

My overall body fat percentage dropped by 3.5 percentage points and my overall body composition was the best it had been in years. Best of all, even though I weighed 4 pounds more than I did before I changed my diet and exercise plan, my pants were literally falling off! I dropped almost 2 inches around my waist.

And that’s the exact moment that I became a Bod Pod convert. It’s when I finally came to understand that total body composition is every bit as important, maybe more so, than body weight. More and more, medical and training experts alike are placing an increasing degree of importance on body composition versus body weight.

This amazing yet simple and easy test made me wonder why this scientific piece of testing equipment with a gigantic list of medical studies, reviews and journal articles written by internationally renowned experts isn’t available to everyone.

After all, virtually every NFL football team, most MLB teams, many NBA teams and a huge number of NCAA Division 1 university athletic training programs have one or more Bod Pods. It has even been featured on the TV series The Biggest Loser. Plus, the NFL lines up a row of Bod Pods to test every athlete participating in the NFL Combine.

The answer is simple. This equipment is expensive. It was originally designed for clinical application. Tests are really pretty economical so the Bod Pod needs to be in a high volume testing environment to make good business sense.

What better way to create that environment than to take the custom-designed and built Muscle Metrics Bod Pod trailer to the people who want and need the information this test provides.

This simple and non-invasive test, offered in a super convenient mobile testing facility, gives men, women and children of all ages weights, races, nationalities and levels of fitness from beginner to elite athlete invaluable information to help them reach their personal goals throughout their health transition journey.

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