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Fit is the New Thin

Fit is the New Thin!

It’s a revolution. Millions are focused on fitness. They strive to transform their physique by changing their body composition.

What exactly is body composition?

The human body is made from two broadly defined parts. Lean body mass includes bones, muscle, tissue and organs. Then, there’s fat.

Forever, it seems, people have been consumed with being thin. But, research increasingly shows that solid muscle mass is a stronger indicator of fitness and a critical part of good health as well as a deterrent to aging.

The trend now is to place the emphasis on body composition rather than to solely focus on the scale.

The scale does not tell the whole story!

Did you know that it’s actually possible to be skinny fat? It is. A so called thin person can actually have a high percentage of body fat if they have little underlying muscle structure.

It is also possible to appear to be fat but be in fantastic physical condition with a tremendous underlying muscle structure. Think about NFL offensive and defensive lineman, for example.

The bottom line is this: Body composition can very often be a far more important measurement of health and fitness than simply focusing on weight.

The key is to know what your body fat and lean body mass percentages are. Then, strive to reduce the percentage of body fat while adding muscle.

NOW, there’s a highly accurate, non-invasive way to measure body composition!

It’s called the Bod Pod. This super precise piece of test equipment was invented nearly 15 years ago thanks to a grant from the U.S. National Institute of Health. It is used by virtually every NFL team, many Division 1 universities, the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Military Special Forces and The Human Performance Institute among many others. It is that reliable.

Mobile Bod Pod is coming to a gym, cross fit club and corporate health/wellness programs across KC!

Muscle Metrics LLC is the exclusive provider of mobile Bod Pod body composition testing throughout the greater metropolitan Kansas City area and surrounding cities. Look for our customize trailer test center.

We drive to your gym, cross fit club or company. Your test is fast (10 minutes), safe and convenient.

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