The GOLD Standard in Body Composition Measurement

Bod Pod History

Thank you, National Institute of Health for providing the grants needed to invent the Bod Pod for simple, safe body, accurate composition measurement

About Bod Pod Accuracy

The Bod Pod relies on a patented scientific process using air displacement technology. Specifically, the science is called Air Displacement Plethysmograph (ADP). This technology uses whole body densitometry to measure body composition. Most specifically, body fat versus lean body mass.

This technique is similar in principle to under water weighing, which is often referred to as the dunk tank test. The Bod Pod measures body mass (weight) using a highly accurate scale that is accurate to within one gram. The scale is recalibrated daily. The system then measures volume inside the Bod Pod during two 50-second increments of air measurement. Body density can then be determined based on proprietary algorithms.

Bod Pod History

Research first began on the development of the Bod Pod in 1990. The work began based on financial assistance via Small Business Innovative Research grants. These grants were awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from the United States. The NIH is the most respected and prestigious health organization in the world.

Since the Bod Pod was formally introduced in 1994, it has been heavily used, researched and validated. Literally dozens and dozens of research studies, scientific reports, white papers and peer reviewed journal articles have been published in trade journals and medical publications. Each has validated the accuracy, reliability and the ease-of-use of the Bod Pod and its proprietary Air Displacement Plethysmograph technology.

The vast majority of researchers and medical professionals now consider the Bod Pod to be “The Gold Standard” in body composition testing and measurement.

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