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The Bod Pod will be conducting tests and appearing at a vast and diverse array of locations and events throughout the year. This unique fitness testing facility is sure to attract an immense amount of attention. The visibility of the double-sided signage on this 8’ by 16’ trailer is sure to be every bit as high impact around the entire city as any billboard campaign.

Best of all, Muscle Metrics facility is so mobile and versatile that it can pull right up to the front door of test sites or near the start/finish line of races!

Who will get tested in the Bod Pod?

The target market for Bod Pod testing by Muscle Metrics includes…
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Cross Fit Clubs
  • Athletic Clubs
  • Country Clubs
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Programs
  • Medical Facilities
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • High School and University Athletic Programs
  • Health Fairs
  • Agencies and Businesses that Require Employees to Maintain Minimum Fitness and Health Standards
  • Body Building and Figure Fitness Competitions


You receive tremendous year-long value for your sponsorship investment…

Every sponsor receives the halo effect of being associated with a revolutionary testing program that fully leverages the rapidly expanding trends in fitness and health maintenance. Experience tells us that people who enter to test are in an amazingly positive an upbeat frame of mind because they have taken control of and are working hard to reach their personal health and fitness goals. That’s a great environment to have your brand associated with!

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