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About the Bod Pod

Who should use the Bod Pod?

The Bod Pod can be used by anyone.  It is a safe and non-invasive test that can be used by men and women of any age any shape or any size to accurately benchmark and track body composition changes.

Even children can test safely in the Bod Pod because the test is simple, fast and non-invasive.  It is so accessible, it can be used by the elderly and people with special needs.

In fact, there is no other form of body composition testing that is as simple and non-invasive.  With Bod Pod, there is none of the hassle involved with the water submersion dunk tank test, none of the risk involved with x-rays and no electrical current passes through your body as it does with piezo electric resistance-type test.  And, there’s none of the uncomfortable pinching involved with the rather subjective pinch test.  Plus, the entire testing process, from start to finish, takes just 10 minutes.

More importantly, the Bod Pod is absolutely safe for repeated tests so that you can track your progress!

The Bod Pod body composition testing systems is used and recognized by many prestigious institutions, medical facilities and testing programs including the Mayo Clinic, the U.S. Military, most NFL teams, many Division 1 university training facilities and even the hit TV show The Biggest Loser has used the Bod Pod.

The Bod Pod is shaped like a giant egg and reminds many of the egg that Robin Williams used to hop out of in the TV show Mork and Mindy.  The Bod Pod feels open with its large window and seating area that is large enough to accommodate up to a 500 pound person.  Even sumo wrestlers can use the Bod Pod!

Profiles and Programs that test with Bod Pod

  • Gyms, cross fit and cross training clubs
  • Individuals on a fitness improvement program
  • Athletes from all sports and disciplines
  • High school and college athletic programs
  • Corporate health and wellness programs
  • Government agencies and businesses with required fitness standards
  • Body builders and body composition competitors
  • Healthcare and medical facilities

What to wear for your Bod Pod test


Two approved clothing options for males:

  • Form-fitting single layer/tight-fitting Lycra ©/spandex swimsuit like Speedo ©.
  • Compression bike-style shorts (with NO padding) similar to Under Armour © type shorts.

Two approved clothing options for females

  • Form-fitting single layer swimsuit in either one or two-piece.  Must be of Lycra ©/Spandex © style similar to Speedo ©.
  • Compression bike-style shorts (with NO padding) or volleyball-style shorts and sports bra with no padding or wires.

Nylon compression cap is also required

A swim-style compression cap will be provided for your test by Muscle Metrics at no additional charge.

Just in case you forget your required clothing…

Men’s compression shorts and women’s spandex shorts and sports bras will be available for rent on the day of testing.

Pre-test requirements

  • Do not exercise 2 hours prior to your test
  • Do not eat or drink anything immediately before testing (about 1 hour)
  • If necessary, use the restroom prior to testing.
  • Be prepared to simply sit still, breath normally and avoid talking during the approximately 3-5 minute period required for the test.

About Bod Pod Accuracy

The Bod Pod relies on a patented scientific process using air displacement technology.  Specifically, the science is called Air Displacement Plethysmograph (ADP).  This technology uses whole body densitometry to measure body composition.  Most specifically, body fat versus lean body mass.

This technique is similar in principle to under water weighing, which is often referred to as the dunk tank test.  The Bod Pod measures body mass (weight) using a highly accurate scale that is accurate to within one gram.  The scale is recalibrated daily.  The system then measures volume inside the Bod Pod during two 50-second increments of air measurement.  Body density can then be determined based on proprietary algorithms.

Bod Pod History

Research first began on the development of the Bod Pod in 1990.  The work began based on financial assistance via Small Business Innovative Research grants.  These grants were awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from the United States.  The NIH is the most respected and prestigious health organization in the world.  

Since the Bod Pod was formally introduced in 1994, it has been heavily used, researched and validated.  Literally dozens and dozens of research studies, scientific reports, white papers and peer reviewed journal articles have been published in trade journals and medical publications.  Each has validated the accuracy, reliability and the ease-of-use of the Bod Pod and its proprietary Air Displacement Plethysmograph technology.

The vast majority of researchers and medical professionals now consider the Bod Pod to be “The Gold Standard” in body composition testing and measurement.

Bod Pod Research and Science Reports

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