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3 Facts About BMI

3 critical facts you need to know about BMI or body composition

1). What exactly is body composition?

The human body is made up of two broadly defined parts. Lean body mass includes muscle, bones, tissue and organs. Then, there’s fat.

2). What is RMR or resting metabolic rate?

RMR is the amount of calories your body burns in each 24 hour period in a resting state. Most people don’t understand that the vast majority of calories that your body burns each day are those necessary to sustain and maintain life.

Knowing your RMR helps to identify the very fine line between eating just right and under-eating. Under-eating can result in an increase in body fat and a decrease in fat burning muscle.

It is extremely common for folks to see a positive change early in their new diet and exercise program. They gain enthusiasm, think they can accelerate the process by cutting more calories while intensifying workouts. This behavior occurs most frequently after they see the early gains begin to slow which they do for everyone.

It’s a fact. We need to fuel up for fat loss with the right kind of calories.

3). Does muscle really burn more calories than fat?

Yes. Lean mass burns nearly 6 times more calories than fat. That’s why it is so important to know what the composition of your weight change really is. If you are losing both muscle and fat during a diet, you are slowing your metabolism and making it hard to continue weight loss because there’s less muscle to burn calories which makes it harder to burn fat. For many, this results in yo-yo dieting.

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